• Identity Management with Appian SCIM

    To access the application and download it from the Appian AppMarket, click this link: SCIM User Management – AppMarket Understanding SCIM SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) is an open standard for managing user identities in cloud-based applications and services. It provides a standardised method to automate the exchange of user information between systems, simplifying… read more

  • Appian 24.1: Developers have a playdate

    Case Management Studio: Your New BFF in Coding Picture this: Pre-built sites, forms, and models walking into the room, all ready to mingle and fast-track your case management development. Reusable design patterns are the ultimate wingman, making workflows and task configuration feel like a breeze. Say goodbye to the usual development hustle; with the built-in… read more

  • Eagerly Awaiting Appian 24.1

    In the dynamic landscape of business innovation, Appian has teased us with a sneak peek into the highly anticipated Appian 24.1. This release promises to redefine how we approach operational efficiency and digital transformation. While the details are still under wraps, the glimpses we’ve been given suggest a groundbreaking suite of features that has business… read more

  • Appian Cloud vs. Appian On-Premise

    Choosing the proper infrastructure for low-code solutions is pivotal in the rapidly evolving digital transformation landscape. Appian, a prominent player in the low-code automation platform arena, provides organisations with two distinct options: Appian Cloud and Appian On-Premise. Each option has advantages and considerations, making the decision nuanced and should align with your business needs. Appian… read more

  • Exploring the Appian 23.4 release

    Appian 23.4 Release Report Appian has recently unveiled the features and improvements integrated into its Appian 23.4 software release. This latest version is designed to augment Appian’s low-code development platform across core areas such as data, automation, user experience, and administration. Data Fabric Enhancements A primary focus of the 23.4 release is the expansion of… read more

  • Appian vs. SharePoint Server On-Premise

    Deployment: Compared to SharePoint on-premise, Appian spoils us with ease of deployment and its potential scalability without burdening IT departments. In contrast, SharePoint Server On-Premise finds its roots within your back-office applications, gifting autonomy of data and infrastructure health measures. Functionality: With Appian and its low-code capabilities, you can efficiently orchestrate process automation. Meanwhile, in… read more

  • Appian IT Ticketing System

    JFDI’s IT ticketing system, built on Appian, allows users to submit tickets for IT support requests through a user-friendly interface. Users can specify the nature of their request, such as technical issues, software installations, hardware replacements, or general inquiries. The system captures essential details like user information, urgency level, and additional notes to ensure all… read more

  • Appian AI Review – low-code evolution

    Appian has integrated generative AI into its platform to democratize AI development through low-code design options. The AI Skill Designer allows developers to create custom Machine Learning (ML) models tailored for specific business use cases without requiring extensive data science skills. The initial release focuses on automating email communication, document classification, and extraction. The AI… read more

  • Appian Online – Recommended by Doctors

    At Appian Doctors, we recommend embracing the power of Appian Cloud. We have witnessed the game-changing benefits of this cloud solution and wish you the same experience. Appian Cloud is not just a decision but a strategic leap forwards in efficiency and growth. This dynamic platform seamlessly blends low-code development and intelligent automation online. With… read more