• Appian AI Review – low-code evolution

    Appian has integrated generative AI into its platform to democratize AI development through low-code design options. The AI Skill Designer allows developers to create custom Machine Learning (ML) models tailored for specific business use cases without requiring extensive data science skills. The initial release focuses on automating email communication, document classification, and extraction. The AI… read more

  • Appian Performance Tuning Emergency

    In the realm of digital transformation, an enterprise was facing a unique challenge. Their Appian-powered applications were experiencing sluggish response times and occasional bottlenecks during peak usage. Not something you would expect from solutions designed to streamline operations and boost productivity. Enter Appian Doctors, armed with their expertise in performance tuning. The team embarked on… read more

  • Appian Online – Recommended by Doctors

    At Appian Doctors, we recommend embracing the power of Appian Cloud. We have witnessed the game-changing benefits of this cloud solution and wish you the same experience. Appian Cloud is not just a decision but a strategic leap forwards in efficiency and growth. This dynamic platform seamlessly blends low-code development and intelligent automation online. With… read more